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Rodiant packaging provides one-stop packaging solutions for corporate customers, including packaging design, packaging structure design, material selection and proofing, mass production and fast shipping. Our main products: packaging boxes, high-grade gift boxes, environmental protection plastic boxes, picture booklets, stickers, aluminum foil bags, handbags. 
Free samples
No special requirements, don't worry, for the custom factory, we have produced countless kinds of boxes, and will regularly collect some boxes with characteristics and features as samples.

Digital proofing is convenient and quick
Use your own design and box shape to print the box, digital proofing is very convenient and fast, 1-2 days to ship.

Carton packaging
Our goods are packed in cardboard boxes, and if customers have demand, they can also print their own mark on the cardboard boxes.
Custom process
After careful communication with the customer, we are ready to start the new project.
 If the customer has drawing files and already has information such as size, material, etc., then we can go to the sample and produce the big goods according to the drawing files.

 If the customer does not have drawing files, but has physical samples, you can send us the samples, we will measure the material, size, printing method and other information, and go to draw drawing files according to these information, then we will go to sample and produce big goods according to the drawing files.

 If customers don't have drawing files or samples, they can also tell us the demand of making this packaging, and our designers will design a perfect box for you according to the demand.

All the process comes to the last step, all the samples are printed and sent to the customer for confirmation first, to confirm the size, printing content, material, etc., and then arrange the production of large goods after the customer confirms.
Product custom process
The large -scale production process, the order transportation time is as high as 72 hours, and the daily production volume of large -scale commodities has reached more than 1 million
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Special process
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The biggest advantage of our products
We have our own team to design, typesetting, printing and production.
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We have our own team to design, typesetting, printing and production.
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Our products have more advantages compared with other factories.
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With excellent quality, quality service and honest management as the core, we will keep moving forward.
We have a complete production line and many equipments, including two five-color printing machines, one laminating machine, one automatic beer machine, five hand beer machines, one automatic laminating pit paper machine and many automatic gluing machines, etc.
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We are a company that integrates design, printing and production. This is our 17th year in the packaging industry, serving countless domestic and foreign companies, etc.
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What is the problem you are currently facing?
A.Don't have a design professional and don't know how to design product packaging?

B. Not finding the right box or the right size of packaging to match your products?

C.Found the right packaging box but no suitable size or pattern to match?

D. No reliable packaging and printing factory can provide a good and economical packaging solution?

E. The packaging box supplier can't cooperate or deliver on time?
We have been providing OEM/ODM services for more than 8 years, we can provide packaging solutions and customize packaging for our customers.
We can provide you with
●  We choose the material of packaging and the type of box according to the place of use of your products.

●  We design matching packaging or patterns according to the products you provide.

●  For the past 17 years, we have served customers in over 50 countries.

●  We provide quotations within 1-3 days, produce samples within 1-3 days, and ship within 7-10 days.
For each box type, we are equipped with a folding and molding video. In addition, in order to prevent the loss of our customers when packaging products, we will provide an additional 1% of spare parts to our customers on top of the order quantity. If you have any questions about packaging boxes, please contact us.
We can accept payment through Paypal, T/T, L/C.
Production time: 1-3 days for sample, 5-7 days for large shipment; we can provide you with professional technical support. Our product quality guarantee is 12 months.

We have invested heavily in our own digital sample room to ensure that we can provide solutions to our customers quickly and efficiently and produce samples immediately.
Looking for pack customization? partner with the best.
+86 186 6492 8767
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Huang Dianchao
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Focus on packaging products production, printing, customization, over 20 years 
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