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Do you know all these common packaging post-press processes?


With the rapid development of society, people have higher and higher requirements for packaging, not only requiring high-end and exquisite packaging, but also requiring certain environmental protection performance and individual appearance. Post-press processing not only improves the artistic effect and added value of packaging, but also meets the needs of consumers at different levels, and is an important link to ensure the quality of packaging. In this article, the editor will share with you six common packaging post-press processes for reference.

1. Lamination

Do you know all these common packaging post-press processes? 1 

Also known as "overplastic", "mounting glue", "film", etc., the lamination is a transparent plastic film that is pasted on the surface of the printed matter by hot pressing, which not only increases the gloss, makes the color of the picture and text more vivid, but also plays a waterproof role. , Antifouling effect, there are many kinds of films, such as matte film, glossy film, anti-scratch film, touch film, laser film, etc., which are often used in post-press processing of high-quality cartons, cartons and other packaging.

2. hot stamping

Do you know all these common packaging post-press processes? 2  

Commonly known as "hot stamping", it is to make the pattern or text to be hot stamped into a convex plate, and transfer the hot stamping foil to the substrate with the help of certain pressure and temperature, showing a strong metallic light and making the product have a high-grade texture. At the same time, because aluminum foil has excellent physical and chemical properties, it can protect printed matter.

3. Embossing

Do you know all these common packaging post-press processes? 3  

Bump embossing is a special technique for finishing and processing the surface of printed matter. It uses a concave-convex mold to plastically deform the substrate of the printed matter under a certain pressure, and then performs artistic processing on the surface of the printed matter. The embossed various embossed graphics and patterns show different shades of patterns, with a clear sense of relief, which increases the three-dimensional sense and artistic appeal of the printed matter. 

4. local UV 

Do you know all these common packaging post-press processes? 4  

Partial UV process can be realized by screen printing or flexo printing process. It is a kind of surface finishing process of printed matter. By partially coating UV varnish on the surface of the packaging to enhance the colorful effect of printed matter, the glazing pattern is consistent with the surrounding pattern. The ratio is bright, bright and three-dimensional, and can produce unique artistic effects.

5. Embossed

Do you know all these common packaging post-press processes? 5 


Embossing is a common decorative packaging material processing technology. According to the embossing method, it is divided into flat embossing and roller embossing. The embossing process is a kind of mold with concave and convex lines, which deforms the pressure-bearing materials (PVC, aluminum, wood, paper, etc.) under the action of certain pressure and temperature to form a certain pattern, so as to decorate the packaging The technology of artistic processing on the surface of materials.

6. V groove

Do you know all these common packaging post-press processes? 6 

V-groove means that the corners around the packaging box are normally made smooth, but after the V-groove, its surroundings become right angles, with distinct water chestnut angles and very beautiful. It is often used in gift box production. Box customers also choose to use V-groove

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