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Food Packing Service Case


1. First of all, when the customer puts forward the demand, we will follow the customer's demand to make the sketch, the box type and the choice of material. We also explain to the customer why we choose this material and box type.

Food Packing Service Case 1


2. After communicating with the customer about the basic needs and perfecting the details of the sketch, we will arrange to make samples, and the sample time is about 1-3 days.

Food Packing Service Case 2


3. After the sample is made, we will arrange to send the sample to the customer, after the customer receives it, if there is no problem with the sample, we will continue the next step, if there is a problem, we will change it again according to the customer's needs.

Food Packing Service Case 3


4. After the confirmation of the sample is the production of the big goods, the production time is about 7-10 days. During the production period, we will constantly quality control and quality inspection. When we finally pack the goods for shipment, we will also arrange a full inspection to ensure that the goods are delivered to the customer's hands, is perfect, no defects.

Food Packing Service Case 4


5. At present, our transportation chain is very complete, including Europe, Africa, North America and other places of logistics and transportation, to minimize the cost, the fastest speed of the goods to the hands of customers.

Food Packing Service Case 5


6. Our after-sales service is very perfect, any problem our after-sales department will solve it at the first time.

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